Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Would Your Ideal Home Look Like?-Say You Won The Lottery!

What would be your Ideal home?

Say you won the lottery and they said you had to purchase your dream home with the money.
Say your winnings were 3 Million and you needed to spend every cent on the home.
What would be the criteria in a home for YOU.
I have worked with a lot of buyers in this business and a few things are requested, so I will start the list for an ideal home.
  • For every bedroom, there would be a full bathroom.(Lets Say 5 bedrooms or more)
  • 3 car garage or more
  • Finished Basement
  • Built 2000 to New
  • Updated Kitchen & Master Bathroom
  • Gated Entrance

Here is a resource for Homes currently Listed in the Georgia MLS for sale that match the criteria I just listed as an "Ideal Home".

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